Newly Discovered Meteorites from the June 1998 Casa Grande, AZ Fireball   
         Discovered Feb10,2013 by Sonny Clary, Rob Reisener & Frederick Stephan


Sonny Clary Collection


During my time in the strewn field I was told about a second set of human remains   being found (pictured below). The remains were reported and recovered. 

This 38.6g meteorite was recovered by Rob Crane next to the first skeletal remains.    “Hombre Muerta meteorite” 


         166.8g find by Terry Scott    014

              123.2g find by Rob Crane  015

             105.1g find by Sonny Clary 010

               75.1g Find by Sonny Clary  016

        170.6g Find by Suzanne  Morison  013

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  Jim Shorten with a 23.18g Indian Butte meteorite   

                            23.18g  STA 034

          47.08g Find made by Rob Matson                

   30g Find by Rob Reisener &  Bob Grueneberg           

  Bob Grueneberg  with  his 39.7g Indian Butte find         

        39.7g Indian Butte meteorite  2016

        Rob Matson with Bob’s Indian Butte find   

        39.7g Indian Butte meteorite  2016