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Only 15 meteorites of this classification have been recovered world wide. 

NWA 4765  was found outside Antarctica by a Nomad in North West Africa, with a TKW
of 19 grams.

13 of the CM1s were recovered by AMSMET ( Antarctic search for meteorites ) many of them paired. These meteorites were recovered from the following locations: Allan Hills, 1 stone 18 grams; Elephant Moraine, 1 stone 2.5 grams; La Paz Ice fields 5 stones 7.8, 1.99 ,1.8 , 0.8 ,1.7  total 14.9 grams; Mac Alpine Hills, 1 stone . 36 grams; Meteorite Hills, 3 stones  40.6, 15.7, 11.5 , total 67.2 grams; Miller Range, 1 stone 2.4 grams; Scott Glacier, 1 stone 27.6 gram . Total weight of 132.75 grams. None of the AMSMET meteorites will be  available to the public.

Moapa Valley  has been described as “One of the most important US finds ever, and rarer than any Lunar or Martian finds... material of this classification is almost unattainable”.           
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Moapa Valley is an exceedingly rare Carbonaceous Chondrite making it a world class specimen. It is the only CM1 found in the United States and second CM1 recovered outside the Antarctic. Moapa Valley is the only CM1 Carbonaceous Chondrite material available to the public.

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                                                            419g Main Mass